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Technical SEO Services

Our Technical SEO services can assist you in optimizing your online search presence.

Importance of Technical SEO

Technical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important types of SEO. Having great content is one thing, but if Google can’t even access your site, it’s pointless.

Technical SEO is crucial for website performance and search rankings. It optimizes site structure, speed, and indexing, ensuring search engines effectively crawl and understand content. Benefits include improved user experience, faster load times, higher search visibility, and better ranking potential. In essence, technical SEO enhances your overall online presence and driving organic traffic.

When it comes to on page, off page, and technical SEO, there is some overlap between types. This where a monthly SEO retainer comes in handy. Our SEO specialists will handle all your SEO needs each month.. 

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What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the first step to optimizing your website. With our technical website audit, you’ll be able to gain insights on your website performance. But we’ll also help you identify how you can improve.

This service takes into account the following technical SEO checklist:

For a more in depth understanding of what we do, be sure to check out our technical SEO checklist.

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Technical SEO Analysis

Through an deep dive into your website’s technical profile (also known as a technical SEO analysis), we’ll be able to determine what needs to be done in order to optimize your site for search.

The purpose of this process is to help create a better experience for your users.

Our technical SEO specialist will follow the below process.

Technical SEO Audit

With the help of technical SEO audit tools, we conduct a full analysis of your website

Identify SEO Issues

We go through the audit and conduct SEO checks to see what needs to be done.

Create a technical SEO strategy

We plan what needs to be done in order to fix any SEO issues.

Fix Your Website SEO

We get to work fixing all the errors found, ensuring there's nothing hindering your seo performance.

Monitor changes

We keep an eye on the changes, while fixing any issues that may arise due to website changes.

technical seo

Conducting a technical SEO audit

A technical website audit examines components like site speed, mobile-friendliness, URL structure, indexing, and schema markup. During this process, your SEO specialist will recongnize, identify, define and fix issues that impact search engine visibility and user experience.

Without proper optimization, it’s difficult, if not impossible for search engines to access your site.

Chat to a Technical SEO Expert

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Learn more about Technical SEO

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